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The Fashion Image

As a group, we are to research two contemporary fashion publications aimed at 2 different markets, submitting a 300 word individual comparative analysis with 3 reference images.

 Comparisons on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and Superior Magazine.

hbz-louis-vuitton-spring-2012-2-desuperior-magazine-2014-january-01-singleSUPERIOR SPREAD

SUPERIOR is an international magazine featuring the urban creative scene of fashion, design, art, culture & lifestyle in the most exciting cities around the globe. SUPERIOR is an indie fashion magazine basing their advertisments and fashion spreads on not very well known designers out there to give them promotion. In comparison to this you wouldn’t usually see Harper’s Bazaar do this as they are so high end, as they most likely have companies like Chanel and Balenciaga to advertise for.

As you flick through Superior you notice a lack of articles, as they mainly specialize in showcasing upcoming fashion photographers who have an edge, all spreads contain a slight amount of grunge and pop punk, as well as a sparkle of high end glitters that shine through each page, although I’m not a consumer of this magazine, I do really like the photography inspiration that comes from it.

Harper’s Bazaar is a high end fashion magazine that was created in the United States in the 1920’s. It mainly specializes in make up, interior, fashion and advertising campaigns for the upper class people of the world to buy. In comparison to Superior, the spreads are a lot longer as they provide a narrative throughout their campaigns, as well as different models and concepts throughout the 200 page magazine. Its pages are a lot more expensive and glossier and the companies that are throughout are shocking compared to Superior.

Superior and Bazaar genuinely have nothing in common, nearly everything is different to one another but I think this is really important in the industry as it gives photographers and indie fans something to get a hold of, as well as the upper class and admirers who buy Harper’s Bazaar.

Overall my comparison is that they are very different.



PH1004 – The Fashion Image

Exercise 3


Using the photography I have from previous experience and skills I’ve learnt in workshop, I am going to be working in a team to fulfill a styling brief. Using a tshirt and accessories collected by the team, my group are required to create 4 distinct styling looks based on the trend and word given to us.

My initial research has definitely got to be the 1940’s beauty advertising campaigns from Avon and Revlons make up. When at college, I did a project based on 1940/50’s make up branding and advertising, specializing in the colour schemes and demonstrating how they can still be re-created, when getting the brief for this exercise I immediately thought of it because of the colours used in candy and the type of editing I could do to them to bring this out, therefore that’s my idea and here are the images;


Photography unknown, source is pinterest


IMAGE 1 image 2 image 3 image 4

My concept was to distinctively re-create an advert from the 1950’s, by using the same coloured clothing and showing similar posing and styling, but then have an image to completely contrast it in a way that would make it seem quite dark and twisted.

My contribution was to be the model, as I have candy floss pink hair and I am also a make up artist, therefore it’s the perfect comparison.

Research – Narrative

PH1004 – The Fashion Image

We are to discuss within our groups the use of narrative within one of the two fashion spreads handed out at the lecture on the 8th of October. I am to then write a 300 word conclusion of your individual deconstruction of narrative within the set of images.

Swoon by Mario Sorrenti, 1999

300 words:


narrative 2 narrative 3

In this image I would say the narrative is non-linear, as it looks as if it is a flashback or memory rather than a story having a beginning and an end. As you can see in the first image, she is lying on the floor like you would be looking back on a terrible memory from your past, curled onto the floor with hurt or maybe even anger. In the second and third images they appear to be a lot different from the first, they look a lot more high end fashion yet with the similar narrative of someone’s flashback in their mind, I can relate to this a lot because of past experiences leaving me stranded like this.

I think the images represent a fashion story, as the concentration seems to be in the contrast of the garment, the lighting is also very cinematic to give off the look of a story within a magazine spread. There are a number of characters in the set of images, they all look very childlike especially with the styling, therefore this plays a huge part in the story of the images, it gives it the look of innocence but in a very sinister way.

One thing I’ve noticed about the images is that it looks almost like it’s behind a stage, therefore playing a part of the childlike and ballet type scene that the garments give off. It could also represent a film or play, such as Black Swan. Very dark and twisted, could also tie in with movie scores (classical soundtracks). Therefore I think the image wasn’t inspired by a certain trend but more of a film or play.

Overall, I really like the layout, lighting and narrative of the story.

Concept and role

Concept and Roles

Throughout this project it was really difficult to get a direct show of who was doing what and what our final idea was, the first few days where going great, we where all planned out and had a clear focus of what we where going to product, then a few phone calls later we got a call off a girl in our team telling us she wasn’t in Preston no more, therefore we where stuck on what to do. So we split into smaller groups, leaving me with Aimee. I’m grateful that someone decided to stick by me for the project and not wander off or not bother at all, therefore I played the roll of editor and she was the one who organized where and when.

I’m not one to over think concepts much as I think that the more you over look the idea, the less the idea becomes relevant and you end up getting off track, therefore we stuck to ‘FUN’ and let the day take its toll instead of staging everything. I’m really relieved with the final result and it’s something I will definitely take on board for future projects in University.

Photo booth images

Final photo booth images

Originals and edited

When my group decided to go out and take our images, one didn’t show or get in touch with me and the other 3 girls did their own thing without getting back in touch. Therefore, it was just me and Aimee with one day left before the submission. So, we still went on the same thought of having ‘Fun’ as our theme, so I made the words and we took pictures pulling funny faces to represent fun. I personally think I could have done better but it was the best I could do with what we had and I am really pleased with the result.

The original                    Scan

Edited                EDITED SCAN

I went with a hint of 70’s from my historical influences for this project, I also didn’t go with the traditional 4 images as we needed to fill the blanks with more than just a white space, therefore I looked for a stock image that wouldn’t make the image look too plain, I think it worked out quite well as this is the only thing I edited.

Overall I am pleased, I just know that if I was to do this project again with a bit more time, I would have done it a lot better.

Inital Research

Photo Booth Fun

Photographers, historical and contemporary 

A photo booth is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor. Most photo booths are now digital, but traditionally photo booths came about in the 1920’s on Broadway  in New York[1. wiki]

The artwork that stood out for me most when looking at historical photo booth images was the 3 year collection produced by brilliant and widely known artist and photographer Andy Warhol.ANDY WARHOL

Warhol had a 3 year obsession with taking photo booth style imagery, it gave him a sense of freedom of the way his overall pieces would look like. Not long after, Harper’s Bazaar had discovered his style and wanted their readers to see it, therefore giving Warhol a chance to express his passion for the style. I really love the look of these images, I think that it gives a very rare and real look to the way the 1960’s where, classic black and white, a lot of contrast and common celebrities of the 1960’s in place to give a sense of living in the industry at the time.

Speaking of Andy Warhol, huge admirer Cindy Sherman was very inspired with the look it gave off, therefore she created her own version of the photo booth images, as most photographers who have looked at her work will know, her image is very edgy and care free, whereas the photo booth images are her most serious work in 1975. CINDY SHERMANMy critique of Sherman’s work varies on the look I’m into at the time, if I was to look at these images when I was 15 I would have thought they where a bit strange, but now that I’m older, I realize how fantastic they are and how the concept of makeup and transforming yourself into a completely different person can be a very powerful message in the art industry.

In the contemporary world of photo booth art, there is a huge variety of styles they use. such as using textures to create an image, or having a very David Hockney style and joining all of the images together to create one final one. One similar to this I have found is by Stuart Southwell, modern Photo booth photographer who uses lots of different images and text to create a certain type of image, whether he gives off a huge message or whether its a textured art piece, he always manages to do it flawlessly.stuart southwellAs this is something different from the past artist’s I have shown I thought it would make a good reference as I am going to be using colour, I really like the use of contrasting colours such as red and blue and having such a huge message, as there are a lot of people out there using their smartphones to create ‘selfies’, its a real breath of fresh air and a huge reminder that the original selfies where photo booths and always will be.

Overall, looking at new and interesting art pieces is really interesting, especially when it’s something as fun as this, I can’t wait to get into a photo booth myself and try out a style with my group.


[1] –

Andy Warhol Image –

CIndy Sherman Image –

Stuart Southwell Image –

Introduction to Photobooth

Module PH1004 – The Fashion Image

Tutors – Layla Regan/Adam Mead

Research and Practical

The final outcome of this assignment will be a single Photo Booth photograph created in your assigned group. Following the seminar session I had on 01.10.2014, I have had an introduction to Photo Booth artists and creative Photo Booth techniques, I am required to produce at least 1 creative Photo Booth image. I am going to be working in a team with 5 other people, all of us putting together our creative minds and coming up with a final fine art Photo Booth image, working essentially as a member of a team.

Initial Ideas: At first my initial reaction was to create something based on a theme of fashion, but as I do so much with Fashion Promotion as it is, I thought I would brand out of my comfort zone completely by doing fine art and creative. On the 01.10.14, I had a talk with my team, they agreed that self portraiture would be a brilliant idea as our time schedule was so widely spread out, as some people where going home and some people where commuting therefore unable to afford to go back and forth.

My ideas are quite simplistic yet creative, in my group Aimee, Sophie and myself came up with the idea of the first project being a gut feeling and going with our instincts. We planned it to some extent, but there was no serious step by step by planning that you normally find in a photography project. Therefore, we went with ‘FUN’ as our theme, to be as silly and outrageous as we possibly could in what the quick paced settings photobooths allow you to be.

I will be going to St Georges shopping centre and using the photo booth there for this project, simply because it’s the closest to me, but if I could genuinely afford it, I would 100% go to Manchester, to visit an old style photo booth using film and dunk chemicals I would do this because of the vintage old style look it gives off, the lighting is perfect and it looks like its been through post production even thought it hasn’t as it has the vignette effect as well as the grainy look to it, I really like this for projects like this, it’s just really expensive.

Overall, after looking at the brief and talking to my group, we have came to a conclusion of our chosen theme and are confident it’s going to work out like this.