Everyday Research

American Surfaces – Stephen Shore, an American photographer who got inspiration from the Bobby Troup’s song ”Route 66”. He passed Durango, Colorado, Farmington, New York, California, Michigan, New Mexico and others. He created a 1970’s colour photography series on a cross-country trip with a 35mm Rollei by his side, he started his images in March 1972 of American people and their everyday lives as well as his every movement. Images feature toilets, what he ate that day, quirky things he had seen and the interesting people he came across. I find his work extremely inspirational as the 70’s look is exactly what I’m going for only I’m going to be using contemporary materials and ideas of my own every day life.104 Shore_12

Georges Perec, Species of Spaces, 1974

species For me, its a guidebook to the everyday, a framework for our immediate spaces and how we interact with the objects we use. I really find it interesting how he speaks so clearly about how the big things in life such as ”Railway trains only begin to exist when they are derailed, and the more passengers that are killed, the more the trains exist”, are the key points of interest in our lives. Then his point is to concentrate on the small things, the things we only look once at and take no notice of what we really are, not what we are pretending to be. A huge quote from a passage in the book is ”What’s needed perhaps is finally to found our own anthropology, one that will speak about us, will look in ourselves for what for so long we’ve been pillaging from others. Not the exotic any more, but the endotic”, (page 210) I find it really inspirational how he’s basically saying stop what you’re doing, stop finding big reasons to live our lives, look into the small details of our everyday lives. Another is ”Describe your street. Describe another street, Compare. Make an inventory of your pockets, of your bag”(page 210). This point of analysing our surroundings no matter how glamorous or exotic and see who you really are. This will be a fantastic thinking point throughout this project as it allows me to see clearly into the everyday things I use, rather than me constantly thinking of more ideas of a life I’m not actually living.

Commute Research

Sven Roden – Won second place in – B&W image

Christopher Martin – Movement photo

commute 2commute 1

I am looking at these 2 photographers for this weeks theme as its something you see in everyday life, our eyes just aren’t compatible to pick it up.  I’m going to be focusing on the not so obvious ways of commute and focus on movement. Using digital, Canon 600D.

Home Research

I’m going to be doing quite an abstract and fine art approach to these images, for example rather than going for the obvious and doing my home and where my home is etc I will be going through the stages of what I think about every single day and what I think of as home. For me it’s an organized chaos, I’m always having ideas and creativity running through my head therefore I want to put this into images in a way that will make it clear for the viewer. I have been looking at artistic stock photos from iStock for inspiration, as well as looking at ELLE Decor.EGGS EGGS 2

Open theme – TIME 

I have created my own theme for this weeks everyday imagery, I’m concentrating on time, how I look at time everyday and how it’s a massive  part of your everyday life. Certain areas of photography, especially in fine art from photographers such as Tim Walker use clocks etc as a main source for their images to demonstrate how time is used, as well as them being aesthetically pleasing. I have got a few random images of time from around the web from unknown photographers that are going to help me pursue this outcome

.time 1 time 4 time 5 timw 3

Street Research 

I have taken ID – Covers out from the library and looked at their ‘Straight up’ photos, as well as their street photography right from the start until the present day. I really love the casual approach to it rather than something that you would see in Glamour magazine etc. Therefore I’m going to be taking inspiration from this and putting it into my own work, my target audience will be young women (18-25) and I will be looking out for street fashion focusing only on texture and pattern. I will also be having the girls holding a Pentax 35mm camera in their hands to give it a different approach than random street style

.straight up straight ups

Doing Time – Work Life Research

After reading the chapter on Doing Time – Work Life I found a very interesting part that I’m considering basing my work on. WORK LIFE 2I am looking on doing this project based on the work life of another, someone whos doing hard work labor and hates it, and considers themselves as slaves to the workplace and at home, as well as struggling to pay bills etc. I am going to be using still life to pursue this instead of the person themselves, as the week to complete the weeks images is too short to get an actual understanding of a persons worklife and how they hate it. I have been looking at still photographers who focus their work on how they feel at work, whether they enjoy it or not and their ideas of using still life to get a similar message across.


Dawn till dusk research

For this weeks theme I thought of doing several things, such as going out as early as possible in the morning and taking a landscape image, using landscape images but using hand drawings of the sun and moon to cover the place where they actually are to add a mixed media element then self portrait. I loved the idea of doing diptychs to emphasize how a person looks in the day and in the night therefore I stuck to self portrait and took an image of myself at dawn and at dusk everyday for 7 days. Initally before I took the images I researched self portrait photographers who focus their work using shadows and locations.

 alexis mire anna shakina

These are the works of Alexis Mire and Anna Shakina, photographers who often take self portraits using shadows and on location at night time. I really love their work as it’s something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I thought of these photographers for dawn till dusk as their use of lighting can demonstrate this perfectly, from the light to one side and the shadow on the other. I also looked at paintings of anonymous artists online from Deviant Art and Pinterest to inspire colour and my own fine art tastes, so I could combine the two to create my own style.60c685682f55a78cb1db2130a3265619

I will be taking these photographers as inspiration while I’m taking my photographs.

Consumerism research

As the last week of the project commenced, I couldn’t help but think that this type of theme was something I shouldn’t be doing considering I’m doing Fashion Brand Promotion, therefore I tried to look into people who are ‘pro-consumerism’ rather than anti consumerism, but there literally wasn’t a thing therefore to voice an opinion like that I’d have to be the brand itself or someone who could speak highly for the brand. As I’m not, I decided to complete this weeks theme on another person, as if I’m promoting their voice of saying no to consumerism, I’m the one taking photographs of the protesters, I’m the one taking photographs of the thoughts of an anti-consumerist. Therefore I looked at photography and fine art to come up with ideas around the subject that I could produce.

Looking on Pinterest I gathered artworks from a range of anonymous artists with a strong opinion on the subject.

3ce0a21b15b1bf54de0f5ad4b6c6552c 4dad8ecf1551c461c21cfdc8226709d9 b36aa43f26184a019c960f828daf3f7f db7b3c3c3c55956a056d9fd27366f2bb

I also looked at Barbara Kruger as in my work every image I am wanting to include text within my images to give them a lot more meaning than just a random image. With these images having such high creativity I have taken them on board and came up with ideas in my own work that will hopefully project the idea of someones voice on consumerism.


I’ve found that looking at fine art work as well as photographers and books really did help me throughout this project, I think it enabled me to develop my own style and think of ideas that I normally wouldn’t have thought of. Although research is always something I’ll do, I think because of this I will be looking at fine art a lot more in the future.


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