A new emerging designer needs campaign imagery to launch their new label to the industry and general public. The client needs a group of creatives to research and develop an original concept, and then to produce the preliminary images for them to consider and provide feedback as to whether they would take the project further to commission stage.

The aim is to extend the range of practical skills and critical understanding of photographic practices, develop group working skills, professional research, develop practical studio and location based skills for the production of professional level imagery and to develop organizational skills as part of a group.

Through seminar research we learn that Cowans garments are inspired by the looks of documentary photography and traditional print. Such as Martin Parr, Richard Billingham and Nan Goldin. This gives it a family connection such as looking through a family album and this is really intimate for a fashion label or house, in the industry this is a regular occurrence, for example Yves Saint Laurent for his emotional and physical struggles but still coming up on top.

5dd47d0cceabfef4a2c5adb21325a37f Nan-Goldin_Joey-in-my-mirror.-Hornstr.-Berlin_1992-2

I’m currently ill therefore I hadn’t attended the briefing, but luckily I got in contact with a classmate about my grouping. Therefore, I got put with Gabrielle, Jodie, Jeska & Bethany. They initially added me to their group chat and nothing was said for the first few days even after me asking questions and requesting a group meet up.

A day later I was invited to the Pinterest board, Capture

after looking at all of their pins after their meetup that I couldn’t attend because of illness (I had the flu for a solid week), I noticed that they where going for the very obvious approach… Much like everyone else and going for what was exactly what was in front of them so I started pinning.

07a5dad433570650f91ed35219f80c27 40d4ed641a70df9571b496b3d098aa8a b396a7b63a12b1a50ceb75f877436748 ccd18489f7516975d58e6cfa546ac8d7 d8850cfd00ed27341b1d3947f1e00cc0 e6a473f2d32034b7edcfaca853f2ce71

After looking at the following garments from fashion designer Lucy Cowan my immediate thoughts where playful, sluggish chic and full of nostalgia. I really like how this could be portrayed into an advertisement for people to understand the clothing label and what Cowan has to offer.

I then began my research, as my initial thoughts as a lover of fine art and having most my inspiration come from art I looked at the textures and the overall feel of a painting.

1aac073ac46ee9ba34db40c5da1b901a 2debdeba6018db3f551b739b4b1c9607 43eee8cd6b658bc45493edc04df177e9 69a825e0913187d6529b98fdd05569c5 396fa624b675c9ac4418033c14dfcf36 a37eb64896a5a8b676cef884fdeb1c9e cdb9ff51f3573d6a2f779c475528e709 cef38359aee52e8b884b3bcba65039a9 d619839f030d5791e418eaccf1477ce3e35c6974a071b9a0ae4a83d606ff12ea f77c9d7373c0bbfaed060ba0ec2ee8aa

From the images above I can see a recurring theme running throughout the pieces, they all match a similar colour palette of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink and black. Much like the garments, this is something definitely to think about for future idea planning. Works of art are a much better source of information than just looking at photography in my opinion, as you get a real feel of the texture, colours and the mood. I feel like that I could carry over certain elements from these images with the group, from something as small as a fine line in a painting or stitch pattern to the whole colour palette.

I then started looking at photography that worked within the theme I started to gradually work on in relation to the garments rather than the way we where going to take the photos.

 4a4f931642961eb900aa9683da782aae 4fb8c38e4cdc62d587ae3fed373cb746 6c5a8861ab0e260f8a97d02b24a5ded4 14e83b201e74afa67fd05f7321684691 72d55827a2d0501f64c0c028ecf07ebf 222cdc04dcb252f36b58f0636f37d9c1 58838e5b4bcf43756f88b90b50d8e5a6 70824b5eda1d1bce294f3b54332ffc5a 73180fb0f90b2f47322a7eae59fa4560 78280d3bb3e8fd0c69092da4e57d69e3 879513f79d5d0e894152bccc9f107910 a0d614669d6a455d1e45fae826e12e19 a22f8630a1dacf690eadce309474c0a1 a96004b34bf7d40c1d1d74d11f1ce33f aaf86e37b4beb68196427b56177946af b14ddfc9183f29237bc7d6d1efb718ac c9eb3d8f2179e33cf32be8ccf774931e

Viktor&Rolf Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

Viktor&Rolf Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

d985e8c7d7343d633a965895f21049ae de76d0d84e37a21c3c80bc7714ed2ffb e7e4a13e86412a96bd54596274c29b74 f64e059b1ae5dafa3e3fe52e76912c66 fadf34d7edd1a24c289aff4c6f567d34

As you can see above, I’ve linked the garments and the paintings from the same colour palette to link up in a way that reflects the ideal initial research I am thinking of. As I am used to sketchbook work, I’m finding this quite difficult to annotate my true feelings for each singular piece but I hope I’m getting my point across clear enough. In these images I was focusing on the elements of colour, high end fashion photography and print, rather than anything to do with my inital thoughts.

As time went on, I found an image by Tim Walker and thought of a brilliant idea that is quite obvious when you think about it but not too obvious to overpower child like styled imagery.


This image was used in Vogue Italia for an editorial on street wear, next to this image is an image I found that was similar through graffiti that I thought would be a massive inspiration towards images like this, especially with the business-esque feel to the overall look like in the graffiti image.

This demonstrates the ability to use obscure materials to your advantage rather than avoiding them. Like all Tim Walker styled images oversized objects are not new to him, therefore as I have pitched this idea to the group in the group chat we are going to put this idea forward Tim Walker will be the main inspiration, now that the initial idea is carried forward we can then carry on additional research and ideas that can go towards this.

4f4537b9ca854b5bb4a9afc00b3158fc 7dc3bb7d50a82f391b37974a52fbf42f 29a9925a41202bd5d99ff9ef88036eda 96f0957e2933270a9fd93e796bdd808f 227c7757c408d95bf34776fd89815ac5 583fd9896853566cc3bb1f45cb80244e 642e5a9ef1a5b38be67cbe3c54b59112 9662c8d85de97ec5ab8106291b405e11 76468f94fcdc632d1b989d2e545d9465 a0d614669d6a455d1e45fae826e12e19 a96421d2c843550a1725a6dac2bb3176 acbd8bcc81220a181e85483cc6677c97 b19c2af070b1d13d0b6461336a4d8c90 beec1ace2bee48b9cb2d60ca2d9480d7

Viktor&Rolf Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

Viktor&Rolf Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

d52c46d7b0b9a6217cd55113e9154053 d2735250d46cfa2f5b739a30a2f78ebe e9d9ad1d2370dfb41b171e7144217842 f0e894064bd8993af20bba94543052c7 f37c98f3d802bd8ec75a171d494405df fef4fbc8121cdc711b553d060ac391a7

Continuing from my point before, I then started looking at past photos shoots, editorials and advertisments that have used larger objects and props in with their images. I really love how these are all shot, as I personally prefer digital from traditional print and I love the brighter lighting as it portrays the childlike look quite well.

3bb3d384d4253b5279b3ddb7cf9b12d0 - Copy 4a8c1dbc473e05d093cbfc838843db96 - Copy 7fd3db0bdd0c3ef50ffa75cc744480f2 - Copy 8d511390b693eedba9ef18bc82887a3e - Copy 14e83b201e74afa67fd05f7321684691 - Copy 23a34bb880ad56560cd764c0f03a5be1 - Copy 40bb2d5db50f24b541f1a6b6d1fc14f8 - Copy 556e5fc7c97e9fb52c159ca020c5e202 583fd9896853566cc3bb1f45cb80244e 829d1394b4a0c6a6464531bba6d24f60 7073afc12a88b73bf5d6ea6d9f93a57c 735496f9288ab55b1e7b3c0826198494 821555488399283559a2ef82f80e839f a96004b34bf7d40c1d1d74d11f1ce33f b19c2af070b1d13d0b6461336a4d8c90 beec1ace2bee48b9cb2d60ca2d9480d7 ef7853dab1d062c59be8e5e2cb3b2fe9 f60bafda3485b3f5114389500f624b7b

Moving on from the idea of larger props I then started looking at high end imagery that uses movement, as everyone in the industry knows, movement plays a HUGE part in the commercial world for advertisements as its the most aesthetically pleasing view for the consumer to view in a spread, online or in outdoor promotion.

I feel that my role in this shoot is more creative direction rather than taking the images myself… I think this is because of my fashion background and it allowing me to have full control of poses, colours and themes throughout whereas the other members of my group will be applying the technical side of things, therefore if you do not see much of this on here this has been clarified with most of my group not only through word of mouth but in the seminar with you yourself.

Now that our initial ideas where clear, we then agreed to meet up in ME244 to get access to the macs all together to get a clear view and communicate in a professional manner. I found this quite difficult as my group where really rude to me and therefore I couldn’t contribute as much as I would have liked, but eventually as time went on I had enough of sitting in the back therefore I decided I would do the mood boards there and then as the ones they where producing completely clashed with the overall theme and as creative director this really hurt my creative feelings (ha)

1 22

These are the final mood boards, created and sourced from myself and the name was called Infanzia also decided by me as this means ”To be childlike” in Italian, rather than using an un-original name like ‘Nostalgia’ or ‘Childlike’ in plain traditional language. The first board is a makeup board for the MUA we will be getting in the next few days, as I know from past shoots this is one of the most important pages to create for visual resource for when in the shoot and for preparation beforehand for materials etc. The second board is a collaboration of all of the things mentioned before included ready for further development before we move on to sourcing a makeup artist etc.

I wish I could include how fun and how we worked well as a team for this stage of the project, but I went a whole 2 weeks with no clue as to what was happening because of 0 communcation from the rest of my group, therefore I did my own research and looked at lighting diagrams and watched several videos on styling etc. This is from my group blanking everything I was saying therefore I have nothing but I was looking at to add here, whereas they have the giant crayons etc to show and demonstrate.

859ceb41d60915bfa4c7fb7a21d83a42 978350b88575f69bff624afb15cd3ccc 5268099066_7d0cf792ec_z fashion6 nyctwo11 screen480x480

Following lighting from Pinterest and YouTube, could be useful for when in the shoot but I think the others and me will want to experiment in the studio.

4c1aba18a9220691b88fe488c091d2ec 16-creative-advertising-photography-by-iain-crawford 234720146006e6d66f85b4a70b81dd49 american scarlett johansson actress models fashion advertisement 1280x1016 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_91 bbf2ac77d4c4a0f8d342f9814e0cd931 Beautiful-Blonde-Model-From-Czechoslovakia-Karolina-Kurkova-Modeling-For-The-Limited-Spring-Summer-Fashion-Advertising-Campaign-Modeling-The-Limited-Shirts-For-The-Limited-Fashion-Advertisements-And boss-11-1200x815 ce389b947b1c0aef3a57092d3091a7a5 fashion-advertising-lacoste images maxresdefault (1) maxresdefault models on couch mulberrycampaign7 title Topshop-Spring-Summer-2014-Eliza-Cummings-Alasdair-McLellan

The following are fashion clothing campaigns from 2005 to 2015, these demonstrate movement and elements of the colour palette in relation to the garments and the initial idea. I feel like this is really important in my research as branding is such a huge part of my life within photography and I really love how this can be seen my viewers to make people buy their product through guerrilla advertising,  outdoor promotion and above/below the line promotional methods.

Sourcing the models – 4a4f931642961eb900aa9683da782aae cdb9ff51f3573d6a2f779c475528e709 d52c46d7b0b9a6217cd55113e9154053 d985e8c7d7343d633a965895f21049ae e1ac681f1b4f0be6d0de8ee5a58cce44 fec7d2d46e76bca468102512d052d125

This is originally the look we where going for, to go with our overall theme and colour palette we didn’t want to go too over the top with the hair therefore we decided a very light short bob or skin head. Wigs are too un-realistic unless we bought expensive human hair ones but we thought models with the hair would solve a lot of hassle.

We originally had 2 skin head girls waiting for the shoot on the 23rd Oct, but as they cancelled last minute it was a mega rush to find another model, therefore Gabrielle found an alternative model with dreadlocks, as this is something none of us expected we sort of had to wing it in the next few days before the shoot.

We then sourced a makeup artist Chloe Gorton, she is industry standard therefore it will be professional practice as well as a diverse approach to a student out look, even though these images won’t be final, they will definitely play a huge role in guiding a client in the right direction in the fashion world. 6ae9365647218ac192db7df1380d6e33 6c5a8861ab0e260f8a97d02b24a5ded4 8ef8dcb4eb9a3ce6ac120fdcc724d3f3 72d55827a2d0501f64c0c028ecf07ebf 222cdc04dcb252f36b58f0636f37d9c1 305e94bfeb7a978805a23f4e54723466 9458dab6cdef0da194ea401d5d4a4c87 78280d3bb3e8fd0c69092da4e57d69e3 a5a6cf2ad8bb65b4cb0ddbffb36f03d5 d985e8c7d7343d633a965895f21049ae

Before the shoot on Friday we have arranged to have a meet up to organize who is doing what and where everything will be going in ME244, this is definitely something that I really like as I’ve had 0 communication so far so this is a heads up.

After meeting up we have agreed that I will be directing poses and influences throughout the studio to direct the model, we also agreed that we will be using me as a model as we can’t get a second in time to demonstrate the second garment. This is fine with me, as I feel like I will be a part of the overall images a lot more.

It’s the day of the shoot!! –


Throughout this day I will be making sure everything goes to plan, that the MUA is comfortable and knows exactly what makeup look we’re after and that the lighting is just right for the overall effect.


Use of large props in the final image


I couldn’t get a hold of the originals with lack of communication therefore I am only able to upload the edits we did after the shoot, I didn’t take any of the images home with me. These images are edited by me but not taken by me as they wouldn’t let me take any the entire day even after me asking and they didn’t choose any of mine for further development in preparation for the presentation.

Presentation – This was something that was well prepped for from meeting up beforehand and then continuing with planning and rehearsing and choosing what goes on what slide etc. Then after lecture we went over exactly what was going to be said, this was then moved on to the seminar and we presented. Unfortunately I had a serious cough (and still have it! after 1 whole month) so getting videod was difficult and I had to leave the room from time to time during so I didn’t interupt but as it got to my turn I said what I needed to say, I mentioned the makeup board and the behind the scenes video footage of the shoot and how I felt it went before we moved onto the final images.

Evaluation – Overall I loved the final images, I just wish I was more involved and I wish I was involved in group activities a lot more… Hopefully in the next group task I get given this won’t happen and I will be able to collaborate correctly and know exactly where I am in a project instead of sitting around aimlessly waiting for a reply.


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